Friday, April 29, 2011

My Dinner Disaster

So, up until this point I have been able to say I have never burnt dinner. Never. Until last night. I was making one of our favorite family recipes, sweet and sour chicken. It is an amazing dish and I get excited to eat it the morning before I make it. Yes, it's that good. The only problem is it takes an hour and a half to make and while it is baking you have to turn it every fifteen minutes. So this is how it went down:

I put the chicken in the oven. Fifteen minutes go by, I flip the chicken and stir the sauce. Done. So far so good. Fifteen more minutes go by. Same thing. Then I hear my little guy waking up. I pick him up and he immediately wants dinner. I make him dinner, feed him dinner, clean him up and then realize he has a dirty diaper. So what does any good mom do? Why, change it immediately of course. This is about the time my hubby comes home and lets me know that it seemed a little smokey in the house. Yep, he was right. I panicked, opened the oven and this was what was there to greet me:

Yeah, looks tasty right? Not really.

So what is the ending to this little story of mine? The chicken that I had dreamed about all day went to meet the trash can and we ended up spending the evening out at our local Chinese resrestaurant with some of our good friends. Not a bad ending huh?

What did I learn from this mess? I need to invest in a kitchen timer.

What are some of your dinner disasters?

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