Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fashion Friday: Bathing Suit Shopping

Each Friday I am going to start a fashion series. I know technically it's Sunday this week that I am getting this up, but I'm still going with the name because next week (hopefully) it will become a my Friday thing.

So, it's that time of year again. Sunscreen, tote bags, sand, surf and sun. And of course that also means one other thing: bathing suit shopping. Sigh...I remember when it was so easy to go find a suit at sixteen. Pretty much anything I tried on fit. I could be done with bathing suit shopping in about 10 minutes. Well, one child later it's not so easy anymore. And I am positive that I am not the only mommy out there dreading the days search for a bathing suit.

When I start my bathing suit shopping adventure each year I always go in with a plan. I usually spend some time searching the internet to see the trends and styles for the year and figure out what I like and what I don't. This year, I put together a few picture charts of some options put together. I really do think it's easier and much less overwhelming going in with a plan. Do I always stick with the plan? Of course not, but it's a place to start and I usually go in the store confident that I can put together something that looks good. So here are my two picture charts for this year with stores and prices in case you're interested:

Plan A:
Aviator Sunglasses-American Eagle $15.50, Gladiator Flip Flops-Target $12.99, Smocked Maxi Dress-American Eagle $49.50, Tan Striped Tote-Target $12.99, Aqua Tankini-Target, $30.00

I am loving this tankini from Target. It's a fun color and I love how the tankini comes past the bottom half of the swim suit. There will be no love handles showing with this suit which is fabulous! I am thinking about going with a longer sun dress this year. I just think it looks really classy. Of course you can never go wrong with a large tote and aviator glasses to complete the look. And the shoes. Very trendy and a great price! 

Plan B
Black Tankini-Magic Suit $180, Women’s Tiered Eyelet Skirt-Old Navy $17.99, Mossimo Libby Gem Flip Flops- Target $12.99, Black and White Striped Tote- Target $12.99.

Yes, the price tag for this suit is steep and I would never personally pay that for a swim suit but I love the style and I would definitely look for something like this a little cheaper. The top is adorable and perfect for covering any those fun love handles once again. This top is so cute in fact I don't think it needs a sun dress to cover it. I would go with just a skirt for this look and the white one in the picture would go perfectly. Match it with some braided black flip flops and a large black and white striped tote and you have yourself a perfect "day at the beach" outfit.

Well, there you go ladies. I can't wait to post what I actually find in a couple of weeks! What about you? Have you started shopping for suits? What are your must have fashions this year?


  1. You have an amazing talent Amy!! Love these outfits!!! I did try on the target blue tankini and it has NO boob support! After two kids that is just as important as mommy belly coverage to me ;)
    I don't know where you are shopping BUT at my Target there were Assets swim seperates. You know the Target brand for Spanx, and they are AMAZING!!!! I bought this top and the tummy slimming Assets bottom-Looks great-now find me the accesories-LOL!!! :)
    Miss you guys!

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  3. Hi Amy! I am a part of your Blogging Buddy Group through Blogelina and I am so excited to be on this journey with you! I have to say I like plan B...I have 3 kids and could never pull it off, but it seems very modern, but modest as well. I look forward to stopping by each week to read your posts!

  4. Hello, I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms. I like the second outfit.


  5. Lovely blog and what a beautiful family you have!! Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter. I hope you have a fabulous month of May.