Saturday, August 20, 2011

Toddler Play: Kitchen Spice Shakers

I am having to get creative these days with my 17 month old son. He is not interested in the things he used to be interested in and he is not quite old enough for many other activities I think of for him. So I have been spending a lot of time coming up with new things for him to do. This was one of our activities today:

I am making a "little man" drawer in my kitchen of things he can play with while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. I have things like pots and cooking utensils in there. Eventually I will add play food as well. I came up with what to put in his drawer by watching what caught his eye as I was cooking and cleaning. One of his favorite things is to get into the different spices that I have. I had a few that had expired so I thought I would make a spice container that would be fun and safe for him.

First I dumped the old spice and cleaned the containers really well. Then I took the labels off.

 Then once they dried I gave them a little color with some food stickers.

I then filled them with different things in the kitchen that would make noise if he shook them. I went with one pasta shaker and two rice shakers.  This is how it turned out:

If you have a hot glue gun I would recommend sealing these up with a little hot glue. Just in case. When all was said and done my little man was pretty happy. He enjoyed shaking these and stacking them. These will be a great addition to his kitchen drawer!

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  1. Amy this is such a good idea, at least for now, until that little stinker figures out how to get the caps off. lol You always have to keep a step of two ahead of him that's for sure. Every time I open the drawer in the kitchen that I fixed up for him when you guys were here, I get a little sad. I miss my 'punkin Noah'. xoxoxox Nana