Monday, May 9, 2011

Potted Vegetable Garden

Today I had lettuce that I had grown. I planted it, continued to water it, cut it off the plant and then enjoyed eating it. And it really made me feel good partly because I had saved my family money and partly because I did it, I actually grew something and it worked.

I have always wanted to have a garden of my own since I was married but we have never lived in a place where we have land that we could garden. Now that we live in Japan and have no yard at all I had pretty much set that dream aside for now. That is until I came across an article about potted gardens. I was immediately set on trying it. So my son and I went to the store and purchased everything we needed for a fun day outside in the dirt. A few weeks later we are enjoying fresh lettuce from our garden and also enjoying NOT paying for it from the store:)

Starting a vegetable garden is actually pretty easy and you really can grow almost anything you would grow in the ground in a pot. Carrots, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Herbs, Peppers, Cucumbers, etc. are all vegetables that can be grown in this type of garden. First you will need to choose a pot. Remember when choosing a pot you will need to have proper drainage so make sure you pick a pot that has this.

If you want to grow the vegetables from seeds you can. Just purchase your seeds and grow them in small containers like a milk carton. Once they are small plants you can transfer them to your larger pot. If not, you can also purchase already started veggie plants from your local garden center.

When your ready to plant you vegetable plants make sure you put a layer of rocks at the bottom and then the soil. This helps prevent the roots from rotting. Then plant your plants and give them some water and watch them grow! You can also purchase vegetable plant fertilizer to help them grow larger and faster.

Well, there you go! Happy Planting!

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