Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why I Chose To Breastfeed.

Disclaimer: I know this is a very sensitive subject for a lot of women. I want you to know I am writing this for moms who are trying to decide on breastfeeding or formula who would like to hear why I chose what I did. In NO way is this post supposed to make mothers who choose formula or were not able to breastfeed feel as if they are bad mothers. You are NOT bad mothers and I do not think that for one second.  (Oh, and you won't be seeing a picture on this post for obvious reasons.)

Phew, Now that I got that out of the way let me share with you why I chose breastfeeding for my son and why I will continue to breast feed if God blesses me with more children.

It wasn't a hard choice for me at first to breastfeed. I was surrounded by people who were already doing it and I attended a breastfeeding class that explained to me just how good it was for the baby to be drinking mother's milk. I didn't do a lot of "maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't" before hand because I knew that this was what I wanted to do. And these reasons made it clear to me that it I was making the right decision for my son:

Baby Benefits
*Perfect Nutrition
*Less chance for SIDS, diabetes, leukemia, diarrhea and other illnesses/diseases
*Stronger Teeth
*Bonding and closeness for mother and baby

Mother Benefits
*Convenience- You don't need to take a bottle and powder, and figure out how to warm it, etc. You just find a place nurse and it's quick and easy.
*Decreased chance of breast cancer (read about this here)

But really the main reason I chose to breastfeed is really quite simple.  I made this decision because I firmly believe it is what God created us to do. He provided milk for us to give to our babies and if that wasn't necessary He would not have done it. I know that God created the perfect nutrition for my son, and it would be better for him then any store bought or man made item. It came down for me an issue of  trusting in God, that this was the right thing because this was how He designed us, how He created us to be. And after all was said and done and spoken about, it came down to this simple fact as to why I chose to breastfeed.

I hoped this has helped some of you on your decision as whether or not to breastfeed. If you do choose to breastfeed do know that you will have difficult times and you will want to quit, I did a few times for some very good reasons. But I overcame those hardships and it always made me feel so good that I was strong enough to do so. I plan on writing a few posts on specific things I struggled with in the future so if your breastfeeding please come back and read them, as I am sure you will experience at least one if not all. If you have any questions or ideas for posts on breastfeeding please let me know. But also know that there are many amazing, incredible moments with your child that would never been able to happen if you had not chosen this option.

I remember when I was nursing my son for the last time one night. I laid him in bed and turned off the light, gave him kisses and left the room. I immediately started crying. And I was crying for two reasons. One because that was it. The chapter of my sons life was over and he would not need me in that way anymore. But second it was because I did it. I chose to struggle through the hardships, to enjoy the closeness I had with my son during that time, to find places I could go to while I was shopping when he was hungry. I made it through the 45 minutes or longer first feeds, the feeding strikes, the teething, and the biting and I felt like I had given my son the best start through my sacrifices and the struggles I encountered. I felt strong. I felt accomplished. I felt proud. And I would have never wanted to change those feelings for all the world.

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  1. No need for the disclaimers. You chose your truth and gave your baby what you felt he needed. That's what being a good mom is all about.

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    You're right, this mommy thing ain't no joke!