Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen Decor- A Small Space Makeover

So I have been really working on my kitchen the past few weeks. I have been organizing like crazy and decorating as well. There is a spot next to my refrigerator that had a baby walker and a baby bathtub stuffed in it. Since Noah doesn't use either one of those items anymore and the mess was giving me a headache I figured it was time for a change. So here is what I was working with:


A boring white space in my kitchen. My son was getting a new dresser the same day I decided to do this because one of his drawers was broken to the point where I am pretty sure it wasn't going to be able to be fixed. AND where we live in Japan we actually have to pay to throw away furniture. And I was NOT going to pay someone to do that. Then I looked around my house to see what else I can find that was laying around in boxes so I didn't have to purchase anything new. So, we started with a dresser, some fabric, two frames, a small hanging basket, two candles and a place mat. Hmmm.

After a while of working I came up with this:

I put the dresser in the corner to start off the project. Then I placed the candles on top of the place mat on the dresser.

I then decided I would use the fabric to cover up the area that had the missing drawer. Right now it's on with thumb tacks. I'll get around to a more permanent solution when time allows.

And finally I took the two frames and made daily schedules for our family. One morning schedule and one afternoon. And I made an area where we could write notes with dry erase marker so we can change it daily.

And there you have it. A decorated dresser that can work in your kitchen! Not too bad for things laying around my house. Haha.

What home improvement projects are you working on?

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  1. Looks great Amy!! I just finished redecorating our guest bedroom!