Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toddler Play: Rice Sensory Bowl

It's the little things in life when it comes to toddlers huh?

I am learning this more everyday. Simple, Amy, keep it simple. Little man will be more than happy with simple. So this is what we were up to today...

I had a leftover bag of rice that was getting old so I thought it might be fun to play in. So I gathered my tools. They just so happened to be two plastic bowls, two measuring cups, two fun kitchen utensils and a bag of rice.

I put a table cloth down on the kitchen floor and set the supplies on top and poured the rice in a plastic bowl. Then I brought Noah in and let him play. And play. And play.

He LOVED it! And it was so simple and easy. I better enjoy it while it lasts eh?

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